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Casey At Bat Collectibles offers a lifetime guarantee for the authenticity of each autograph that we sell. In addition, all autographs are certified by the top third party authentication companies in the industry: PSA/DNA or James Spence Authentication.


By focusing our resources in a specific area of sports autographs, CABC has developed an expertise in vintage baseball autographs second to none.  We combine that expertise with the independent review from the top third party authenticators to provide our clients with the highest level of assurance that they are investing in genuine autographs.



 Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the largest and most trusted third-party grading and authentication company in the world. Cards and collectibles graded by PSA are worth considerably more than those that are not – and for good reason. As the grading standard of the industry, PSA is the preferred choice of collectors, dealers and auction houses worldwide. Founded in 1991, PSA has processed over 15 million cards and collectibles with a cumulative declared value of nearly a billion dollars. Each month we process approximately 100,000 submissions from hobbyists who are serious about maximizing the value of their collections. By providing the advantage and protection of impartial, third-party grading, PSA has created a market in which collectors can participate with complete confidence and trust. PSA/DNA is the world's leading third-party authentication service for autographs and memorabilia. PSA/DNA Authentication Services was founded by PSA in 1998 in response to widespread counterfeiting, forgery and piracy of autographed collectibles. Just as PSA grading changed the way cards and other collectibles are valued, bought and sold, PSA/DNA's four-level authentication process has revolutionized the hobby of autograph and memorabilia collecting – making it safer and more enjoyable for all. PSA/DNA Authentication Services has authenticated hundreds of thousands of autographs and collectibles from the worlds of sports, music, entertainment, politics and history, including many of the most valuable of their kind.


 James Spence has the universal respect and approval of auctioneers, dealers, and collectors worldwide with his accurate authentication expertise. A third generation autograph collector , his knowledge and exposure has its roots in over thirty years of hobby experience. Spence is a 1982 graduate from Iona College of New York with a double major in International Business and French. A New Jersey native, he has opined for virtually every major auction house in the country. World renown auction houses including Sotheby's , eBay , Mastro Auctions , Grey Flannel Auctions , Robert Edward Auctions , Hunt Auctions , Heritage , Upper Deck , Sotheby's - SCP , Huggins & Scott Auctions and many others employ the services of James Spence to insure the legitimacy and affirm the value of their autographed offerings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of the Treasury (IRS) have depended on Spence as their sports authentication adviser and asked for his assistance during past investigations. Law enforcement and insurance carriers have placed their trust in Spence to assist in their analysis. Mr. Spence has successfully completed certification in Forensic Document Examination. Dealers have also relied on his knowledge, experience and integrity for some of the highest valued, historically significant and rarest signed artifacts in existence. Countless collectors have sought the reassurance that their investments will retain marketability when the time is right to divest of their holdings. It has long been the industry's choice to secure a James Spence Authentication Letter of Authenticity.